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Real. Meaningful. Connections.

Networking is broken. The Upside is fixing it.

The Upside is a private community for purpose-driven leaders that helps build companies, accelerate careers, and support causes.

Build companies: The Upside makes it easy to find board members, experts, advisors, investments, & new hires.

Accelerate careers: The Upside helps members find mentors, share thought leadership, and confidentially explore job opportunities.

Support causes: The Upside builds support for causes important to you and makes it easy for you to find causes to get involved in.

The Upside is built on a foundation of trust, understanding of people, and industry knowledge.

Foundation of trust: Our values are simple: respect, confidentiality, commitment, and kindness.

Understanding of people: Every member is more than a set of skills and experiences. We go beyond to create matches based on your goals, motivators, and interests.

Industry knowledge: Our deep industry knowledge allows us to provide you with personalized assistance and advice.

We are changing how professionals share and access expertise to create value and market opportunities.

We believe in breaking down barriers.  We believe connecting the right people can unlock amazing possibilities.

The Upside matches our members to vetted opportunities and facilitates introductions based on mutual goals rather than cold asks.

How it works is simple.

You tell us about your past experiences, as well as what goals you are trying to accomplish. Then, The Upside matches you with other professionals in the community who have complementary goals and whose experiences align with your criteria for who you’d like to meet.

Once you both say yes, we introduce you!

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