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The Upside matches our members with meaningful economic and social impact opportunities.

Impact Opportunities


Members of The Upside can use our platform to express interest in joining boards for a variety of organizations. You can create a Board goal to join the board of a company or a non-profit organization. You can also create a goal to find board members for your organization fulfilling any criteria.


The Upside can help you find the next step in your career. Submit a Career goal to tell us what you’re looking for in your next position. We can help you meet executives looking to make high-level, strategic hires for their organizations. The exploration status of our members is entirely confidential, and we will help you arrange meetings around your schedule.

Expert Advisory

If you have a problem or question which you believe an expert can solve, create an Expertise goal. For members of The Upside, Expertise matches will meet and give you advice on a problem facing you or your organization. This is a great opportunity to talk through new ideas with someone who is interested in breaking down the barriers in your way. We also encourage all our members to create a goal to share expertise with others in The Upside.


Members can use The Upside to both find new organizations in which to invest and to get investments in their organizations. By creating an Investment goal, you can share what your criteria are for you to invest. As an organization, you can also tell us about what you want to see in a potential investor.


Having a mentor to discuss your professional goals in one of the best ways possible to advance your career. Being a mentor is one of the best ways to give back to others advancing in their careers. Use the Mentorship goal to find someone with whom you can talk about any facet of your professional life. We encourage members of The Upside to both become mentors for others and seek out mentorship for themselves.

Thought Leadership

Creating a Thought Leadership goal will allow you to share your ideas with the world. This goal is for those looking to promote a published work, be published, or get speaking engagements. If you or your organization are looking for an expert to interview about a subject or have speak at your event, we can match you with a member.

Support Causes

The Upside connects our members based on their mutual interest in causes. You can create a Cause goal to get other people involved in your existing work around a cause or use a Cause goal to get involved and learn more about issues important to you.

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