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Process for Admission

We use a multifaceted approval process to vet new members and ensure that each one makes our community more interesting and diverse. Professionals interested in joining The Upside request access by filling out a brief form on our website. Applications are assessed by our admission committee using a variety of resources.

Application decisions take anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

Who Should Join The Upside?

The Upside brings together a diverse group of leaders—executives, investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators—to make a meaningful economic and social impact.

Request to join The Upside if you are a forward-thinking executive interested in connecting with like-minded professionals. Members of The Upside share a set of common goals: to build businesses, advance careers, and support causes.

All applicants to The Upside must be over 18 years of age. In addition, applicants who display any amount of hate, bullying, bigotry, disrespect, or violence toward other individuals will be declined from our community.

Regarding our Waitlist

If your application is currently on the waiting list, please know that people are removed from it and welcomed into the community every day. We continually review our waitlist in order to sustain a vibrant community.

To move up on the waitlist, you can ask those who are already members to “endorse” your application. Note that each time a member endorses someone, we track the overall quality of their referrals.

Note for Members

All members of The Upside are expected to follow our basic rules of respect, trust, and privacy. On The Upside, you are not just a user, but rather a member of a community.

Rarely, members do not present themselves in the manner The Upside believed they would, and these individuals are removed from the community for violating our principles. We encourage our members to report anyone who disregards community values by being disrespectful.

The Upside reserves the right to suspend or remove any members we no longer feel strengthens our community.

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